The Stadium : architecture for the new global culture / Rod Sheard

Sheard, Rod

Edité par Pesaro. Sydney - 2005

Through the work of HOK Sport, the world's leading stadium architects, "The Stadium" examines the increased significance and value of the stadium as an architectural icon. The ascendancy of sport as the new global culture means that the stadium has a central role in the 21st Century city - financially, geographically, culturally and spiritually. "The Stadium" contextualizes the social history that has led to the ascendancy of sport, with an account of the five generations of stadia which have evolved since the 19th century codification of sports. The new role of the stadium in the city as a tool for urban regeneration and global city branding is identified and documented for the first time. Many of the stadia featured in this book have been the venues for the most successful sporting events of the last decade, including the Sydney Olympic Games.

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