The Sochi 2014 Olympics : a gender equality audit / Michele K. Donnelly, Mark Norman, Peter Donnelly

Donnelly, Michele K. | Norman, Mark | Donnelly, Peter

Edited by Centre for Sport Policy Studies - 2015

This report continues the project started with the publication of “The London 2012 Olympics: a gender equality audit), to assess “what’s left to do to achieve gender equality at the Olympics?”. The focus Is on the basics of the Olympic sports: what differences remain between the ways that men and women athletes are involved in Olympic competitions? In this research reports, the authors analyze the 7 sports / 15 competitions ad 98 events at the Sochi 2014 Olympics for the purpose of identifying gender differences in their structures and rules, and in the opportunities for men and women athletes. This enables to see what is the same and what is different between men’s and women’s events; to make comparisons between events and sports; to see where equality has been achieved; and to ask questions about sports/events in which there are still differences between men’s and women’s competitions. Differences in men’s and women’s opportunities to participate in the ways in which tey are able to participate many reveal important assumptions about gender and, specifically, about presumed essential differences between women and men.

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