Force for good / [prepared by] Steven Maass

Maass, Steven

Steven Maass presents this special Steven Maass introduces this issue’s cover story on how the International Olympic Committee is committed to using sport as a tool to promote social change. It includes the following articles: 1/ “Action stations” – IOC director of International Cooperation and Development Tommy Sithole explains how the IOC is putting its pledges in to action. - 2/ “Sport and the United Nations” – Wondy Asnake explains why the United Nations is seeking the help of sporting bodies to help it deliver international development across the globe. – 3/ “From theory to action” – the Olympic review profiles two case studies in Lusaka, Zambian and in Isla Fuerte, Colombian – where the IOC is investing time and resources to reach its community development goals. 4/ “Spreading the world” – during the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, the IOC and its partner organisations used the opportunity to teach young athletes about a number of important global issues

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