Challenging the gender dichotomy ? : examining Olympic Channel content, production, and audiences through a gendered lens / Qingru Xu

Xu, Qingru

Edité par The University of Alabama - 2019

The Olympic Channel is a digital-first, multiplatform site established to keep the Olympic spirit alive throughout each year and to promote the Olympic Movement throughout the world. Conducting a three-wave study, this project systematically analyzed—from a perspective of gender—the Olympic Channel's content, news production, and the audience’s emotional responses to athletic images. To be specific, the first-wave study focused on how the Olympic Channel represented male and female athletes in cover pictures of news episodes; the second-wave study explored the gender-related tenets and regulations carried by the institution and the employees' personal beliefs in covering men and women's sports with interviewing 11 media professionals at the Olympic Channel; and the third wave-study measured individuals’ emotional responses to athletic images featuring male and female athletes in a variety of sports contexts to explore the audience’s potential gender differences in sports consumption. This study emerged as one of the first studies exploring the Olympic Channel via a lens of gender, with significant theoretical and practical implications outlined.

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