Disorganised host community touristic-event spaces : revealing Rio's fault lines at the 2016 Olympic Games / M. B. Duignan, D. McGillivray

Duignan, Michael B. | McGillivray, David

Mega sport events require a host (city) to provide the necessary urban spaces to deliver high profile – and highly circumscribed – elite sporting, cultural and commercial activities. This article investigates the live staging spatial-organisational requirements of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, exploring the extent to which the project sequestrated, territorialised and commodified public space. Relatedly, the authors examine the role of new legal, regulatory and securitised event conditions in affording an effective and efficient 'Olympic takeover'. They draw on three complementary qualitative data sets, including: official Rio 2016 bid and planning documents, observations of the live Olympic city visitor experience and spatial planning effects, interviews with tourism and visitor economy key informants.

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