Pierre de Coubertin : life, vision, influences and achievements of the founder of the modern Olympic Games / The Olympic Studies Centre

Wassong, Stephan | Lecocq, Gilles | The Olympic Studies Centre

Edited by The Olympic Museum - 2023

This reference document brings together 60 short and concise entries on all facets of Coubertin`s life and works. Written by experts, the articles are grouped under the following seven main topics: 1/ Pierre de Coubertin`s life : early education stimuli and initiatives. 2/ Founding the Olympic Movement. 3/ Pierre de Coubertin`s IOC presidency (1896 – 1925). 4/ Pierre de Coubertin vision and support for the Olympic Movement after his presidency (1925 – 1937). 5/ Promoting education, physical education, sport and physical activity through and beyond the Olympic Movement. 6/ Political orientation, his interests and writings. 7/ Coubertin places of memories.

Has for another edition on the same medium: Pierre de Coubertin : vie, vision, influences et réalisations du fondateur des Jeux Olympiques modernes

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