Descubriendo a Pierre de Coubertin : un programa educativo basado en las palabras de Pierre de Coubertin / The Olympic Studies Centre

The Olympic Studies Centre

Edited by The Olympic Studies Centre - 2024

This educational resource is aimed at teachers, pupils and students. It helps teachers organise and conduct lessons on the various themes addressed by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Olympic Games, throughout his life, including the symbols and values of Olympism, his vision for sport for all, his position on the participation of women at the Olympic Games, his vision for sports contribution to international understanding and peace, and the spirit of chivalry and fair play. Students should be able to understand how these were perceived in the historical and social context of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and extend the reflection to today’s society.

Has for another edition on the same medium: Découvrez Pierre de CoubertinHas for another edition on the same medium: Discovering Pierre de Coubertin

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