Re-presenting para-sport bodies : disability and the cultural legacy of the Paralympic Games / Michael Silk... [et al.]

Silk, Michael L.

Edited by AHRC - 2020

This report provides data and recommendations drawn from the first funded academic project to examine the implications of the rapid commercialisation of the Paralympic Games and the increasing visibility of disability in the media, influenced by the success of Channel 4’s entry as the United Kingdom’s official Paralympic broadcaster in 2012. Through an integrated methodological approach, the authors provide a joined-up evidence base that captures the intentions and practices of Channel 4’s (C4) broadcasting of the Rio 2016 Paralympics; the influence of this on the content of Paralympic coverage; and mediated forms of disability representation and the wider impact on public attitudes toward disability. This approach allowed the authors to examine the important and influential relationship between Paralympic production practices, progressive social change and cultural legacies.

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Selection : Zoom Paralympic Games

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