Driver of peace ? : ping-pong diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula / Brian Bridges

Bridges, Brian

Amongst the various examples of sport influencing politics, the role of table tennis in facilitating ground-breaking connections between the United States and the People’s Republic of China – the so-called “ping-pong diplomacy” of the early 1970s – is probably the most-cited. However, the use of this sport has not been confined to those two major powers; rather, there have been attempts to utilize it to bring about reconciliation to the long-standing inter-Korean enmity. By utilizing unpublished British and American archives and by exploring the cases of the World Table Tennis Championships held in Pyongyang in 1979 and Japan in 1991 as well as the post-PyeongChang Winter Olympics events, This article examines the extent to which sport plays positive or negative roles in inter-Korean relations by analyzing the limited attempts to recreate “ping-pong diplomacy” on the Korean peninsula. Unpublished British and American archives provide new light on the details of such sporting diplomacy


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Global Oriental. Leiden - 2012

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