A new Olympic life form : the beginning of Olympic television / Richard W. Pound

Pound, Richard W.

Richard W. Pound begins a series of articles that explore the history of Olympic television, as seen from the perspective of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as it gradually became aware of its impact on the growth of the popularity and universality of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement. This first article examines the topic from its beginnings to the 1960 Rome Games, which were broadcast worldwide for the first time. These articles are not intended to be an examination of the technical aspects of Olympic broadcasting (although some are noted), but rather to document the IOC’s voyage as it came, by trial and error, to understand the new medium and eventually to exercise definitive hands-on control with respect to its production and exploitation. This article is followed by "The impact of the mass media on the image of Olympic cities", published in the "Journal of Olympic history", vol. 29, no. 1, 2021.

See the collection "History of Olympic television, 1"Belongs to: "History of Olympic television"See the issue of the journal "Journal of Olympic history, 28.3, 2020"

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