YOG education programme @ youth sporting events / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edité par International Olympic Committee - 2021

The toolkit is dedicated to organisers of youth sports events and championships, providing information on how to successfully, easily and economically implement an educational programme before, during and after a youth event - from communication to operational set-up prior to the event, to best practices and facilitation guidance on-site, as well as post-event follow-up. The programme is designed to enhance the protection and well-being of young athletes (between the ages of 15 and 18), both on the field of play and in their everyday lives. It contains three areas of focus: athlete protection, performance, and assisting athletes outside sport.

A pour autre édition : Programme éducatif des JOJ aux événements sportifs pour la jeunesse


Sélection : Zoom Youth Olympic Games Official English

Sélection : Zoom Olympic Education Official English

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