Challenges and opportunities for the Olympic Movement in future decades : an educational and historical-educational perspective

Wassong, Stephan

This paper addresses the challenges faced by the Olympic Movement from an educational and historical-educational perspective. The focus is on three ideas which all have the potential for development into academic projects which would benefit the Olympic Movement. Firstly, there is a need to analyze the relevance of Pierre de Coubertin to today's Olympic Movement. Examples are given on how some of Coubertin's ideas can be transferred from their late 19th century roots to the Olympic world of today. Secondly, there is a discussion on how social and educational responsibility towards athletes can be increased. This is analyzed against the background of the recommendations collected at the XIIIth Olympic Congress, where a session was devoted to the athletes. A key aspect in this chapter is an argument for the production of a training manual on Olympic values. This would be an important development and would be aimed at the stakeholders of the Olympic Movement with influence on the personal, professional and moral development of athletes. Thirdly, "sport for peace" programmes supported by the IOC are introduced as a valuable means by which to bring social harmony and trans-cultural respect to countries which have severely suffered from inter and intra war conflicts. The challenge described here is centered on the problem of "transfer".


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