Historical review of the interference of politics in the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games / Stephan Wassong

Wassong, Stephan

Edited by [s.n.]. [S.l.] - 2009

A historical review of the links between the Olympic and political worlds cannot follow a methodological approach of reviewing and listing as much as possible of the academic literature available on this topic area. This would definitely be too much as political issues occurred at almost every single Olympic event. In an article limited to 8000 words, it is much more sensible to draw the reader's attention to the main research areas lines and to identify in each of them possible outlooks for new or more thoroughgoing research ideas. As a result the main part of the article is subdivided into the following five chapters: 1) The re-establishment of the modern Olympic Movement : between nationalism and internationalism, 2) The Olympic Truce and its revaluation in the 1990s, 3) Political exploitation of the Olympic Games and 4) The political stimulus for the IOC's turning point in the fight against doping


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