Non-accredited media, Olympic Games and the host city / Beatriz Garcia, Andy Miah

Garcia, Beatriz | Miah, Andy

This research emerged alongside other research practices at the Sydney Olympic Games, where it appeared that the non-accredited media centre was fulfilling an intriguing role as part of the Olympic proceedings. Sydney was the first Olympic city to provide a substantial NAMC, though the concept developed first in the Barcelona 1992 Games. In Sydney, it was evident that a range of journalists - both non-accredited and accredited - were using the facilities and that the space performed numerous functions during the Olympic weeks. In Salt Lake City and Athens, we formalised a research process with the following aims : 1/ Understand the operational structure and function of the non-accredited media centre (NAMC) in contrast to the accredited Olympic media centres, managed by the Organising Committee of the Games under IOC regulations. 2/ Identify the needs of local cultural groups to secure appropriate media representation during Games time. 3/ Understand how journalists and local promoters make sense of the NAMC and how they could utilise it better. These questions were further developed in relation to the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games and initial investigative work in relation to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, during field research in July 2006.

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