Legacies and mega events : fact or fairy tales ? / ed. by Ian Brittain... [et al.]

Brittain, Ian

Edited by Routledge. London - 2018

The use of sporting and other mega-events to bring about transformation of socially deprived areas of major cities is becoming an increasingly important part of the raison d'être for hosting such events, especially given the immense costs involved and the current economic climate. The tax-paying public are increasingly having to be persuaded of the benefits, beyond the event itself, to spend the nation’s resources in this way. This edited book, written by international experts, critically explores these multiple facets of the mega event legacy looking at the various economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits in multiple continents. It considers topics such as volunteering, participation, economics, sponsorship, ethics, and technology in relation to legacy. This timely book provides a further understanding of the legacy discourse, as well as the potential pitfalls connected to legacy in relation to mega events. Filling a gap in the literature on legacy research, legacies and mega events will be of interest to events, sports, tourism, urban development students, researchers and academics.

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