The London 2012 Olympics : a gender equality audit / Peter Donnelly, Michele K. Donnelly

Donnelly, Peter | Donnelly, Michele K.

Edited by Centre for Sport Policy Studies - 2013

This gender audit permits a comparison between the 26 sports / 36 competitions and 3025 events at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. It enables the authors to identify all of the remaining differences between men’s and women’s Summer Olympic sports. Such an analysis enables to see where equality has been achieved, and to consider and debate the remaining gender differences in order to determine whether they are acceptable of legitimate. Specifically, is there an agreed upon reason for maintaining the difference? The data will also enable debate about whether the remaining gender differences are consistent from sport to sport and event to event. Inconsistency across sports and events may highlight the irrationality or illegitimacy of some remaining differences. The data of this report show that there is still some way to go to achieve gender equality, and the recommendations deal primarily with the main concerns: equalizing the number of medal events for men and women, and establishing near equivalence in the number of women and men competitors.

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