Technical procedures for doping control / Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee

Winter Youth Olympic Games. Organizing Committee. 2, 2016, Lillehammer

Edited by Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee. Lillehammer - 2015

The purpose of these technical procedures for doping control is to plan for effective testing and to maintain the integrity and identity of the samples collected, from the point the athlete is notified of the test to the point the samples are transported to the laboratory for analysis. It contains the following information: Prohibited substances and methods, Medication, Therapeutic use exemptions (TUE), Technical procedures for doping control, Notification of athletes, Preparing for sample collection session, Conducting the sample collection session, Security/Post test administration, Transport of samples and documentation, Ownership of samples, Annex A -Investigating a possible failure to comply, Annex B - Modifications for athletes with an impairment, Annex C -Modifications for athletes who are minors, Annex D -Collection of urine samples, Annex E -Collection of blood samples, Annex F -Urine samples – insufficient volume, Annex G -Urine samples that do not meet the requirement for suitable specific gravity for analysis, Annex H -Sample collection personnel requirements.


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