Pierre de Coubertin's Olympic idea as an educational challenge for the woldwide Olympic Movement : a historical review and systematic analysis of Olympic education programmes for schools by host cities of the Olympic Games and international institutions / Ines Nikolaus

Nikolaus, Ines | Comité international Pierre de Coubertin

Edited by CIPC. Lausanne - 2017

For the first time, a systematic examination of Olympic education programmes for schools during the period 1976-2014, developed by hosts of Olympic Games as well as three exemplary example for international programmes, are documented in the present study. Through an analysis and comparison of the Olympic education programmes offered by the host cities of Olympic Games as well as by international institutions, the present research focuses on gaining insights into how an Olympic education programme is utilised for the major sports event in the host country, what concrete aims the creators hope to achieve and how the values and aims of Olympism are integrated into the educational process. A further objective is to examine the didactic-methodical approach by which this subject matter is conveyed.

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