Challenges and opportunities for past and future Olympic cities = Défis et opportunités pour des villes olympiques du passé et du futur / Jean-Loup Chappelet

Chappelet, Jean-Loup

Edited by IDHEAP - 2018

Like any project – and the Games are among the largest projects that can ever be undertaken – the Games present major challenges and opportunities for a city and its country. This report systematically examines the main challenges and opportunities. It reviews the criticisms commonly levelled at recent Olympic Summer and Winter Games, the challenges faced and the opportunities grasped. It examines the solutions available to future Olympic cities or which have been put forward by previous ones. The structure of this independent report is therefore based around the usual criticisms levelled at the Games, ranging from delivery over the course of 8-10 years’ preparation (including the bid) to short-, medium- and long-term legacy after the Games. These criticisms are used as the titles of each section of the report, which set out how we can address them and offer practical recommendations to resolve potential issues. The prime objective is to put forward a reasoned vision, based on properly referenced scientific studies and the experience of the author, who, in various capacities, has attended every Summer Games from Munich 1972 to Rio 2016 and Winter Games from Lake Placid 1980 to PyeongChang 2018 (other than Seoul and Calgary 1988). Its ambition is to facilitate a clear and rational debate around an Olympic project, based on arguments that are simply set out and supported by solid third-party research.

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