Giving the best of yourself : a document about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person / Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life

Vatican. Dicastère pour les laïcs, la famille et la vie

Edited by Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Vatican - 2018

“Sports is a meeting place where people of all levels and social conditions come together to reach a common aim. It is also a formative vehicle. Perhaps today more than ever, we must fix our gaze on the young, because the earlier the process of formation begins, the easier the person’s integral development through sports will be”. With these words, Pope Francis introduces the new publication of The Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life that aims to highlight the role of the Church in the sports world and how sports can be an instrument of encounter, formation, mission, and sanctification. The document, composed of five chapters, does not ambition to cover every aspect of the variegated activity of sports, but it wants to offer a Christian perspective of sport to those who practice it, assist as spectators, and participate in it as technicians, arbiters, coaches, as well as to families, priests, and parishes.
Exists also in Spanish "Dar lo mejor de uno mismo : documento sobre la perspectiva cristiana del deporte y la persona humana", in Italian "Dare il meglio di sé : documento sulla visione cristiana dello sport e della persona", in French "Donner le meilleur de soi-même : un document concernant les perspectives chrétiennes sur le sport et la personne humaine", in Portuguese "Dar o melhor de si: documento sobre a perspetiva cristãdo desporto e da pessoa" and in German "Sein Bestes geben : Dokument über die christliche Perspektive des Sports und der menschlichen Person".

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