Research on eSports and eSports industry in China / Yang Yue

Yang, Yue

Edited by [s.n.] - 2018

Esports is a worldwide cultural phenomenon rising rapidly since the beginning of the new century, attracting a large number of participants and spectators. Its main body is teenagers. Under the influence of many factors, this cultural form is sweeping the world, resulting in a very extensive and profound economic and social impact. Esports are born from electronic games. After decades of development, the esports industry is moving towards the development road of professional sports and competitive sports. The first round of the industrial cycle, which began in 1998, has entered the second round of industrial wave, and the center of the world e-sports industry is also transferred to China. At present, we should not only realize the new opportunities that esports bring to economy, science and technology and sports, but also follow the laws of economy, sports, and the law of social development, and handle many negative problems in the development of esports and esports industry.

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