First review of IF governance : 2017 ASOIF general assembly / ASOIF Governance Taskforce

Association of Summer Olympic International Federations

Edited by Association of Summer Olympic International Federations - 2017

In the context of the growing exposure of cases of mismanagement in relation to major sport bodies, the ASOIF general assembly in April 2016 mandated the Governance Taskforce (GTF) to assist the 28 Summer Olympic International Federations (IFs). The intention was not simply to conduct a compliance exercise but rather to promote a better culture of governance within their structures and help ensure that IFs are fit for purpose, or rapidly achieve that status. The GTF therefore conducted an evaluation of the current state of governance of the 28 IFs between November 2016 and March 2017 using a self-assessment questionnaire with independent moderation of the responses. IFs responded very positively to the project with all 28 completing the questionnaire.

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