A piece of cloth and a melody : a never ending struggle / Volker Kluge

Kluge, Volker

The imagery of Mexico '68 cannot be reduced to the "Black power" gestures of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. In reality 1968 was among the bloodiest and most eventful years of the 20th century. This article focuses on the proposal made at the IOC Session to ban the national flags, anthems and designations from the Olympic Games, which was an unsuccessful attempt to keep politics out of sport. It might also be interpreted as a move that was not always well intentioned because sometimes political interests meant that they were proposed to prevent the presence of other states. For the most part, the opinions of athletes were not sought in this matter. Nor was any thought given to the reactions of the spectators, whose enthusiasm often narrowly coincides with their national identity. There is no objection to the patriotism of people, but it should be misused by politics.

See the issue of the journal "Journal of Olympic history, 26.3, 2018"

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