Sport values in every classroom : teaching respect, equity and inclusion to 8-12 year-old students / UNESCO

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization | International Olympic Committee. Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage

Edited by UNESCO - 2019

The IOC via the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, together with five international partners including UNESCO and the World Anti-Doping Agency, has launched the ‘Sport values in every classroom’ toolkit, a free resource aiming to help teach respect, equity and inclusion to students aged 8 to 12 around the world, while encouraging the development of healthy young people through movement-based classroom activities. The cross-curricular toolkit can be used by teachers of any subject and by coaches or educators – anyone with a connection to youth – to help instil and reinforce the values of sport and the development of global citizenship.

Has for another edition: Les valeurs du sport dans chaque classe : enseigner le respect, l'équité et l'inclusion aux élèves de 8 à 12 ansHas for another edition: Los valores del deporte en cada aula : Guía para enseñar respeto, equidad e inclusión a estudiantes de 8 a 12 años de edad

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