Delivering OVEP PLAYbook : a practical guide to Olympic values education : train the trainers / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edited by International Olympic Committee. Lausanne - 2017

With this document, the International Olympic Committee wants to address the global challenge of increasing rates of physical inactivity so that more youth will have the opportunity to become Olympians, but primarily so that more children and youth will develop life-long patterns of physical activity for joy and health benefit. This Guide is to be used in conjunction with “The fundamentals of Olympic values education: a sports-based programme” as part of the OVEP 2.0 pack.

Has for another edition: Mise en oeuvre du PEVO : guide pratique de l’éducation aux valeurs Olympiques : formation des formateursHas for another edition: La estrategia de un PEVO en acción : guía práctica para la educación en valores olímpicos : formación de formadoresHas for another edition: Implementar o OVEP : un guia prático para a educação aos valores Olímpicos : formação dos formadoresHas for another edition: Realizácia PLAYbook OVEP : praktický sprievodca výuč bou Olympijských hodnôt : vytrénuj trénerovHas for another edition: Kaip įgyvendinti OVUP? : praktinis olimpinių vertybių ugdymo programos vadovasHas for another edition: Delivering OVEP PLAYbook [Korean version]Has for another edition: Delivering OVEP PLAYbook [Chinese version]Has for another edition: Kézikönyv az Olimpiai értékek oktatási és nevelési programhoz

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