An economic roadmap to the dark side of sport / Wladimir Andreff

Andreff, Wladimir

Edited by Palgrave Pivot - 2019

This book provides a comprehensive overview of economic aspects to criminal behaviour in sport. It addresses manipulations, dysfunctions, distortions and crimes triggered by economic interests or pure greed in sports, and challenges the governance of this important industry. Topics covered include hazing, sabotage, refereeing bias, technological manipulations, tanking, bad management, financial doping, ticket touting, circumventing the law through sport, discrimination and child labour. The book is divided into three volumes. Volume I covers those economic manipulations that breach sports rules, sporting integrity, violate managerial rules and the law, and infringe human rights in sport. It builds up a typology of sport manipulations which makes sense from an economic standpoint, not only from a sporting or judicial perspective. Volumes II and III (available separately) focus on corruption and economic crime in sport, respectively.

Vol. 1 : Sports manipulations.- Vol. II : Corruption in sport.- Vol. III : Economic crime in sport..

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