The winter sports industry and Winter Olympics in historical perspective : from Grenoble 1968 to Albertville 1992 / Wladimir Andreff

Andreff, Wladimir

The chapter contends that the value of the Keynesian multiplier used in impact studies depends on the historical economic context surrounding the Winter Olympics. This is verified with how the winter sports economy has evolved from Grenoble to Albertville Winter Games; comparing economic impacts and legacies for both, eventually the context was better to host the Games in 1968 than 1992. This is due to: GDP growth rate, inflation and unemployment in the French economy, a much more booming area in Grenoble, a changing winter sports practice in France and worldwide, globalisation and innovation clusters in the winter sports goods market and industry, with a subsequent product life cycle, and the positioning of Grenoble 1968 and Albertville 1992 in the Winter Games sequence.


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