A never-ending story : the philosophical controversy over Olympism / Lamartine Dacosta

Costa, Lamartine Pereira da

In this article, Lamartine DaCosta reflects on the difficulty of defining Olympism from a philosophical point of view. In his view, when reviewing the history of philosophical accounts of Olympism, two things stand out: first, the continuous controversy, and second, the ability of successive accounts to adapt to changing views in philosophy and the social sciences without any further epistemological claim. Thus, he proposed in 1998 that Olympism would represent a “process philosophy,” an original Hegelian proposition generally defined today as a speculative construction of philosophical positions or directions without internal coherence that asserts that reality is constantly in a process of change. This article is a further discussion of the question of Olympic philosophy, addressing whether there are philosophical directions (position, theory, argument) in its approaches or whether Olympism is biased toward a nonphilosophical discursive exchange, which is a narrative inaccurately identified as “philosophy".

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