The ethics of AI in sport : taking athletes' rights and wellbeing seriously / Alberto Carrio Sampedro

Carrio Sampedro, Alberto

Edited by Pompeu Fabra University - 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly made its way into sports. Its growing presence has already changed the way that main stakeholders experience sports. Nevertheless, this huge transformation has not been matched by a suitable ethical and regulatory framework. This research is focused on the negative impact that AI can have on athletes’ rights and wellbeing. After analysing the different uses of AI technologies applied to sports, this research provides an ethical framework to promote safe, fair and sustainable uses of AI in sports. This framework also serves to address the liability of Sports Governing Bodies (SGBs) for not meeting internal and external ethical and legal duties regarding athlete safeguarding. Finally, some basic guidelines for the governance of AI in sports are provided. The underlying aim is to provide a useful tool for the good governance of AI in sports and trigger global regulation, as urgently as possible, of AI in sports that should be led by the Olympic Movement and the International Olympic Committee.

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