To sleep dreaming medals : sleep characteristics, napping behavior, and sleep-hygiene strategies in elite track and field athletes facing the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021 / Jacopo A. Vitale... [et al.]

Vitale, Jacopo A.

Sleep is a key contributor to athletes’ well-being, recovery, and performance. Nevertheless, sleep in elite athletes may actually be inferior when compared with the recommendations for this specific population due to different factors: increase in postmatch or posttraining muscle pain, cortisol levels and core temperature, precompetition anxiety, unfavorable training sessions schedule, travel fatigue and jet lag, and/or social media use. The general scope of this study is to describe, for the first time, night-time sleep parameters and daytime napping behavior in elite athletes of the Italian Track-and-Field Federation facing the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021. In detail, the study aims are to assess (1) differences in sleep between male and female athletes and among different track-and-field disciplines, (2) the effect of sleep hygiene strategies on athletes’ sleep, and (3) daytime nap characteristics in track-and-field athletes.

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