The Olympic Games : late nineteenth century and early twentieth century (1896-1936) / by Konstantinos Georgiadis

Geōrgiadēs, Kōnstantinos

Edited by The Olympic Studies Centre - 2024

This article deals with the revival of the Olympic Games and their development during the first four decades of their existence. It mainly refers to the efforts of Baron Pierre de Coubertin and his associates to establish the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and organise the Olympic Games. In addition, the problems and challenges faced during these efforts to organise and conduct the Olympic Games are presented. The aim of the paper is to approach the phenomenon of the Olympic Games and its evolution as a major sporting event with educational, cultural, and political dimensions. Reference is also made to the participation of athletes, both men and women, particularly those who excelled, and the number of National Olympic Committees that participated in the Olympic Games.

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