Diplomacy and sport : special issue / ed. by J. Simon Rofe... [et al.]

Rofe, Simon J.

Edited by Taylor and Francis. Abingdon - 2016

P. 207 - Prologue: diplomacy and sport / J. Simon Rofe & Heather L. Dichter.
P. 212 - Sport and diplomacy: a global diplomacy framework / J. Simon Rofe.
P. 231 - Rethinking diplomatic and development outcomes through sport: toward a participatory paradigm of multi-stakeholder diplomacy / James Pamment.
P. 251 - Of mechanisms and myths: conceptualising states’ “soft power” strategies through sports mega-events / Jonathan Grix & Paul Michael Brannagan.
P. 273 - Public diplomacy and the International Paralympic Committee: reconciling the roles of disability advocate and sports regulator / Aaron Beacom & Ian Brittain.
P. 295 - Beyond the acronyms: sport diplomacy and the classification of the International Olympic Committee / Verity Postlethwaite & Jonathan Grix.
P. 314 - Sport, Empire, and diplomacy: “Ireland” at the 1930 British Empire Games / Katie Liston & Joseph Maguire.
P. 340 - Sporting relations: diplomacy, small states, and Germany’s Post-war return to international sport / Heather L. Dichter.
P. 360 - Entering through the sport’s door? Kosovo’s sport diplomatic endeavours towards international recognition / Dario Brentin & Loïc Tregoures.

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