Sports diplomacy : special issue / by Stuart Murray... [et al.]

Murray, Stuart

Edited by University of Southern California - 2013

P. 11 - Moving beyond the ping-pong table: sports diplomacy in the modern diplomatic environment / by Stuart Murray.
P. 17 - Specifying the global character of sports authority / by Rook Campbell.
P. 22 - Selling nations to the world through sports: mega-events and nation branding as global diplomacy / by John Nauright.
P. 28 - 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games: Brazil’s strategy “to win hearts and minds” through sports and football / by Andreia Soares e Castro.
P. 39 - The "ambassador of skateboarding and cultural diplomacy" / by Neftalie Williams.
P. 44 - A study on Chinese national image under the background of Beijing Olympic Games / by Guo Qing... [et al.].
P. 48 - Football and public diplomacy in Northern Ireland / by Chris Lyttle.
P. 50 - Smart power: using sports diplomacy to build a global network to empower women and girls / by Lee Satterfield.

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