Sport in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic : towards an agenda for research in the sociology of sport / Adam B. Evans... [et al.]

Evans, Adam B.

The intention of the authors is not to provide ‘answers,’ commentary or opinions. Nor is it their intention to ‘get ahead of the game’ by providing sweeping predictions about what sport will look like in a post-pandemic world, however tempting that might be. One simply do not know what the long-term impact of this potentially long-term health threat will have on sports participation. What they do, however, is to ask questions. Hence, they aim to mobilise their sociological imaginations by reflecting on their personal troubles in order to situate them within the wider context, and hence to suggest some of the questions that seem relevant to them (specifically in the sociology of sport) because of the pandemic. In so doing, they aim to stimulate the development of tentative questions to which they, as sociologists of sport, should attempt to provide answers over the coming weeks, months and years.

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Selection : Zoom COVID-19 - Impact on sport

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