Will human rights ever be Olympic values? : evaluating the responses to human rights violations at the Olympic Games / Ryan Gauthier and Gigi Alford

Gauthier, Ryan | Alford, Gigi

This article examines the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) reforms to address human rights, and what the IOC must do going forward. Part one draws the connection between human rights and the legitimacy of the Olympic Games. Part two briefly discusses the history of IOC crisis management, including the recent human rights crisis facing the Olympic Games, with emphasis on the publication of Agenda 2020. Part three examines the efficacy of the IOC’s responses post-Agenda 2020. Part four outlines the responses from the global community to human rights violations at mega-sporting events like the Olympic Games. Part five examines the IOC’s engagement with the current multistakeholder approach to human rights, and urges the IOC to engage more closely with these stakeholders. Part six offers concluding thoughts.

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