Olympic games : daily official program : world's fair, St.Louis

Exposition internationale. Saint Louis | Summer Olympic Games. Organizing Committee. 3, 1904, Saint-Louis

Edited by [s.n.]. St. Louis - 1904

Vol.1: Saturday May 14, Interscholastic meet.- Vol.2: Saturday May 21, Open handicap meet.- Vol.3: Saturday May 28, Athletic meet.- Vol.4: Monday May 30, Elementary school championships.- Vol.5: Thursday June 2, A.A.U. handicap meet.- Vol.6: Friday June 3, Junior championships of America.- Vol.7: Saturday June 4, Senior championships of America.- Vol.8: Saturday June 11, Athletic meet western college championships.- Vol.9: Thursday June 23, Mass exhibitions United turn vereins.- Vol.10: Saturday June 25, Collegiate championships.- Vol.11: Wednesday June 29, Interscholastic handicap meeting.- Vol.12: Thursday June 30, Interscholastic championship meeting.- Vol.13: July 1-2, Turners' International gymnastic contests.- Vol.14: July 4, Public schools Athletic league meeting.
Vol.15: Monday and Tuesday July 11 and 12, Olympic basket ball championship.- Vol.16: Wednesday July 20, Irish sports.- Vol.17: Friday July 29, Handicap meeting of the Western Association of A.A.U.- Vol.18: Saturday July 30, Championship meeting of the Western Association of A.A.U.- .- Vol.19: August 2-3-4-5, Grand circuit meet and national amateur championships of the National Cycling Association.- Vol.20: August 15-16-17-18-19-20, Y.M.C.A week.- Vol.21: Tuesday 30, Marathon race.- Vol.22: Monday August 29, Amateur scratch events, amateur handicap events, tennis tournament.- Vol.23: Wednesday August 31, Amateur scratch events, amateur handicap events.- Vol.24: Thursday September 1, Amateur scratch events, amateur handicap events.- Vol.25: Saturday September 3, Amateur scratch events, amateur handicap events.- Vol.26: September 5, Swimming contests. - Vol.27: September 6, Swimming contests.- Vol.28: September 7, Swimming contests.

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