Decent work in the world of sport : issues paper for discussion at the Global Dialogue Forum on decent work in the world of sport (Geneva, 20-22 January 2020) / International Labour Organization

Bureau international du travail

Edited by International Labour Organization - 2019

Sport is considered to be an important form of recreation and a means to promote peace, human health, development and decent work, and is practiced by millions of amateur and professional athletes worldwide. Since the mid-twentieth century, professional sports have become a major industry, providing employment to millions connected to the sector. One recent market study estimates the value of the global sports market at US$614 billion, excluding sports equipment manufacture. In recent years, the human rights and labour dimensions surrounding sporting events, in particular mega-sporting events, have attracted considerable attention. This work has focused mainly on issues regarding the construction of sports venues, the manufacture of sports equipment and the impact of sports events on local communities. At the same time, attention has also been drawn to the human and labour rights of the athletes who compete in professional sporting events. This paper deals with the specific issue of employment and the working conditions of athletes engaged in sport at the professional level.

Has for another edition: Le travail décent dans le monde du sport : document d'orientation pour le Forum de dialogue mondial sur le travail décent dans le monde du sport (Genève, 20-22 janvier 2020)Has for another edition: El trabajo decente en el mundo del deporte : documento temático para el debate en el Foro de diálogo mundial sobre el trabajo decente en el mundo del deporte (Ginebra, 20-22 de enero de 2020)

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