WHO guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour / World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Edited by World Health Organization - 2020

This publication provides evidence-based public health recommendations for children, adolescents, adults and older adults on the amount of physical activity (frequency, intensity and duration) required to offer significant health benefits and mitigate health risks. For the first time, recommendations are provided on the associations between sedentary behaviour and health outcomes, as well as for subpopulations, such as pregnant and postpartum women, and people living with chronic conditions or disability. The guidelines are intended for policy-makers in high‑, middle‑, and low-income countries in ministries of health, education, youth, sport and/or social or family welfare; government officials responsible for developing national, sub regional or municipal plans to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in population groups through guidance documents; people working in nongovernmental organizations, the education sector, private sector, research; and healthcare providers.

Vol. 1 : Main publication. - Vol. 2 : Web annex.

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