Leveraging Tokyo 2020 to re-image Japan and the Olympic city : post-Fukushima / Michael B. Duignan

Duignan, Michael B.

Recovering post-Fukushima, Japan utilised Tokyo 2020 to re-image the country as a safe and culturally distinctive destination by deploying creative place-branding initiatives. This paper investigates how and why, by drawing on insights generated via three complimentary methods – (i) 26 in-depth interviews, (ii) a 33-day walking observation, and (iii) policy and media document analysis – offering a unique and detailed case study. Analysis is principally framed around two state-led national and Tokyo-city ‘representational’ innovations deployed: ‘EnjoymyJapan’ and ‘Tokyo, Tokyo’, augmented by ‘functional’ country-wide tourism infrastructure innovations: both playing a critical role for re-imaging Japan.


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