Olympic agenda 2020 : closing report / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edited by International Olympic Committee - 2021

Over the course of the past six years (2014-2020), all Olympic Movement stakeholders have contributed to make the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations come to life. The entire Olympic community took part in this journey together. A positive picture emerges at the end of this journey: 88 per cent of the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations have been achieved. In some cases work is still in progress, which explains the status “mostly achieved” of some recommendations. In very few cases we had to course correct and adjust our initial objective because of evolving circumstances, which is why some recommendations are considered “partially achieved”. This closing report presents for each recommendation the status of the achievement and provides an executive summary of what has been realised.

Has for another edition on the same medium: Agenda Olympique 2020 : rapport de clôture

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