Environmental impact evaluation of branding and signage solution for events : prepared for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) / Anthesis


Edited by Anthesis - 2021

This document aims to compile and compare lifecycle impact data for a range of branding, signage and overlay materials, in order to help guide decisions regarding the sustainability of sourcing and end-of-life management of such materials. Following this introduction, section 02 of this document presents guiding principles that should be followed to reduce environmental impacts associated with the sourcing and end-of-life management of event branding and signage. Section 03 presents the outcomes of life-cycle assessments (LCAs) for over 40 different material types. For each material type, the environmental impacts of a conventional option are compared with those of an alternate commercially available option and a new innovation. This is complemented by case studies describing some of the more advanced solutions to reduce environmental footprint.

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