The impact of the mass media on the image of Olympic cities / by Richard W. Pound

Pound, Richard W.

This article, the second part of Dick Pound's history of Olympic television, begins with the 1964 Tokyo Games, which marked a milestone. For the first time, transcontinental broadcasts were made. Four years later, the Mexico Games were broadcast in colour, and in 1972 it was "wall-to-wall television". Since then, the "Television Games" have been a reality. The first article of this series is entitled "A new Olympic life form: the beginning the Olympic television" and is published in Vol. 28, no 3 (2020) of the Journal of Olympic history.

In conjunction with: A new Olympic life formIn conjunction with: With the interest grew the disputeIn conjunction with: Uneventful Winter Olympics, joyless 1980 Moscow GamesIn conjunction with: Los Angeles 1984

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