Olympic values and sports journalism ethics : the international press coverage of the 2012 Olympics / Xavier Ramon

Ramon, Xavier

Edited by [s.n.] - 2014

The project has explored the close relationship between the fundamental principles of journalism ethics (truth, justice and responsibility) and the core values of the Olympic movement. Afterwards, the investigation has examined the media’s compliance with these two sets of guidelines in the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. In order to conduct this task, two qualitative techniques have been employed: the qualitative content analysis technique over a sample of six newspapers of three countries (United Kingdom, United States and Spain) and semi-structured interviews with scholars, professionals and IOC representatives. More precisely, the research has focused on three study cases: (1) The portrayal of Ye Shiwen. The collision between rumours and the social responsibility of media; (2) The fight for antidiscrimination. How media advanced towards equality in the treatment of gender, race and disability but persisted in the old stereotypes; and (3) The narratives of confrontation v media’s commitment to disseminate the Olympic values of non-violence and peace. The results have been translated into academic papers and the elaboration of a concise document (“Ten tips for covering sports responsibly”), aimed to raise journalists and students’ awareness of the importance to be accountable to ethics and Olympic values while disseminating sports information.

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