Developing an inventory to improve evidence-based planning and monitoring of social legacies / Millicent Kennelly, Alana Thomson, Kristine Toohey

Kennelly, Millicent | Thomson, Alana | Toohey, Kristine

Edited by Griffith University - 2020

This project developed and refined a ‘Social Legacy Inventory’ (SLI) for large-scale sport events. The SLI catalogues 48 diverse, positive social legacies identified by practitioners and in academic research situated in different geo-cultural and temporal contexts. To develop the SLI, the project drew on documentary evidence and in-depth interviews with key informants from three case studies – the Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and London 2012 Olympic Games. Data highlighted that the mix of social legacies sought and/or achieved at each of these events was highly contextual and influenced by a range of facilitating factors and barriers. The applied contribution of this research is the provision of a resource, the SLI, that illustrates the diversity of social legacies, to facilitate customised social legacy planning for future Games hosts, and to underpin pre-Games research and monitoring. The findings illustrate the complexity, messiness and importance of social legacies and provide a reference point for social legacy research moving forward.

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