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Edited by [Smart Cities & Sport] - 2016

This publication was developed to give some insights and share some creative initiatives that will inspire you to take concrete actions. As such, Marie Sallois Dembreville, IOC Director Corporate and Sustainable Development, underlines the commitment of the International Olympic Committee to supporting healthy lifestyles through different initiatives to develop Sport For All and encourage cities to leverage sport events to create a strong health legacy. Fernando Parente, FISU Executive Committee Member, explains how the FISU is developing the concept of a healthy campus, seizing the opportunity of raising awareness of healthy lifestyles to millions of students who are the leaders of tomorrow. And finally, Jakub Kalinowski, V4Sport Foundation President, shares a very personal point of view on the importance of small data and how to use it to get effective changes. In addition, this publication highlights three different cities’ strategy. First, the global strategy of the City of Helsinki to bring all the stakeholders together and to create an ecosystem to tackle the different aspects of physical inactivity. Then, the strategy of the City of Dakar and of the City of Singapore who chose to go through a process of international certification. International standards can represent a support in this process and a tool by which cities can evaluate and improve the health of their citizens. Two standards are presented here: Global Active Cities, an ISO compatible norm, and Active Citizens Worldwide, a data driven methodology.

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