Independent Olympic athletes and the legitimacy of the International Olympic Committee in resolving international conflicts / Tiago Del Tedesco Guioti, Mauro Cardos o Simões, Eliana de Toledo

Del Tedesco Guioti, Tiago | Cardos o Simões, Mauro | Toledo, Eliana de

Despite bringing together nations around peaceful ties in an international competition, the IOC and the Olympic Games event have always been affected by constant conflicts along their path in the twentieth century, emphasizing issues involving nationalities. Thereby, in a mediator posture of international conflicts and in an effort to reduce the subversions that surrounded it, the IOC, in the 1990s, created the delegation of Independent Olympic Athletes. Such a delegation consists of athletes who cannot represent their respective nationalities at the Olympics due to political factors and/or armament conflicts. This proposal of the IOC demonstrates its posture to avoid, minimize, and even cease ideological and political events that might interfere with the Olympics Games or the athletes participating in them.

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