Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission : 2024 / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee. Evaluation Commission for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games

Edited by IOC - 2017

The Evaluation Commission Report is presented in three parts: a video, a written report and a series of annexes. The video describes the value proposition of the two candidatures and highlights key features of each proposal.The written report provides an assessment of essential elements for planning and delivering successful Games, grouped within four broad categories: Games concept, Games experience, sustainability and legacy and Games delivery. Unless otherwise noted, all assessments in the report apply to both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. A section on the Paralympic Games covers issues not addressed in the rest of the report. In keeping with Olympic Agenda 2020, this assessment identifies opportunities and challenges in each city. In many cases, there are few or no challenges – this is primarily because the three-stage process encouraged adjustments that resolved potential challenges before the report was finalised. The report and the video complement each other. The annexes include photographs of and key information on proposed competition and non-competition venues in each candidate city, as well as additional details on a wide range of issues that the Evaluation Commission considered. This section of the report provides reference material for IOC members and other interested individuals who want more detail on a particular aspect of the candidature or want to see technical data on the wide range of issues considered by the Commission.

Has for another edition on the same medium: Rapport de la Commission d'évaluation du CIO : 2024

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