Candidature questionnaire : Olympic Winter Games 2026 / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edité par IOC - 2017

With the candidature process 2026 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduces a new, collaborative approach based on cooperative dialogue and on-going support to Cities and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) interested in developing a candidature to host the Olympic Winter Games 2026. This new process places greater emphasis on sustainability and flexibility to allow cities / regions to come forward with projects that best match their long-term sports, economic, social and environmental development plans. This questionnaire contains the following chapters: 1 - Vision and Games concept, 2 - Games experiences, 3 – Paralympic Winter Games, 4 – Sustainability and legacy, 5 – Games delivery, 6 – Guarantees, 7 – Instructions for the submission of the candidature file.

A pour autre édition : Questionnaire de candidature : Jeux Olympiques d'hiver de 2026


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