Host city contract operational requirements / International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee

Edité par IOC - 2017

The host city contract - operational requirements (the “HCC operational requirements”) are an important part of the host city contract, detailing a set of core elements for the project, which provide Olympic quality conditions for the athletes and all participants, while at the same time allowing potential host cities to responsibly match their Games concepts to their own sport, economic, social, and environmental long-term planning needs. Despite the date "December 2016" on the cover page, this publication is dated of August 2017. Minor modifications were made to the December 2016 version in August 2017, mainly to take into account the decision by the 130th IOC Session to enable the simultaneous election of the Host Cities of the Olympic Games 2024 and Olympic Games 2028 by the 131st IOC Session in Lima in September 2017.

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