Sports governance observer 2018 : an assessment of good governance in five international sports federations / Arnout Geeraert

Geeraert, Arnout

Edité par Play the Game - 2018

Since the publication of the Sports Governance Observer (SGO) 2015 report, a significant number of international federations have engaged in governance reforms. Federations like FIFA and the IAAF have recently initiated reform processes through the establishment of (ad hoc) reform committees. This report introduces the new SGO 2018 benchmarking instrument. It builds on a new set of 57 principles of good governance, measured through 309 indicators of good governance. The indicators are dispersed over the same four dimensions of good governance as those used in the SGO 2015 report, namely transparency, democratic processes, internal accountability and control, and societal responsibility. More specifically, this report employs the SGO 2018 benchmarking instrument to assess the governance of five international federations, namely FIFA, the IAAF, the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The aim is to stimulate an open debate by providing an objective, reliable, and holistic overview of which elements of good governance are implemented by these federations and which ones are not.


Sélection : Zoom Ethics and Good Governance

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